Saturday, August 11th, 1:00 PM

Location: Grafton Exhibit Hall
Price: FREE
Prize: Cash Prize!
Check-in: 1:00 PM
Judging: 1:30 PM

Bring a plate full of your homemade cookies. They must be made by YOU! Be sure to bring a copy of your recipe or list of ingredients for the judges.

Judges will look for appearance, presentation and flavor. Cash prize to winner!


  1. Bring this entry form and 2 copies of recipe/ingredients
  2. No entry fee is required
  3. Cookies must be homemade by contestant
  4. One Winner per household
  5. Judging: 25% appearance, 25% presentation, 50% flavor
  6. Contestant must furnish 20 cookies
  7. Prizes for all winners! Sweepstakes Ribbon and $25.00!