Thursday, August 8th, 5:00 PM
Location: Grafton Exhibit Hall (Map #15)
Price: FREE

Shane Wintch was born and raised in Orem-Provo, Utah area. He was influenced through the big hair band days of the 80’s, like Bon Jovi, Metallica, Dokken and Whitesnake. Music had a very strong emotional and powerful hold on Shane at a very young age. This was especially true for strings which had a hold on him like no other. Originally a drummer all through his early school years, he soon had an itch to play guitar as well. Composers such as Hans Zimmer and James Horner began to become his heroes. Shane soon found artists like Jesse Cook and Rodrigo y Gabriela and immediately fell in love with Flamenco/Spanish guitar twist. The sound of nylon strings was amazingly beautiful. These influences took hold of the songs rotating in his head. With his background in percussion morphed his guitar into a sort of "percussive guitar" because he wanted to do it all at the same time. So Shane began writing his own music. It was very different and very extreme sometimes in different ways, but that’s what he wanted, an album with very different sounds and flavors. An album where every song sounds and feels different from the last.

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