Location: Harmony Building (Map #4) & Food Court stage (Map #5)
Date: Daily
Time: All Day
Price: FREE

Gold Ore Store logo
The Fair has begun, and ye must all come
We have to honor the call
The pirate court must convene
So our county will not fall!
The “Pieces of Eight” are scattered about
Find them and fill in the blank
Decrypt the letters correctly,
or be prepared to walk the plank!
At each location, a clue there should be
Each worth their weight in GOLD
In fact, that’s the prize, so open your eyes
Many winners is what we’ve been told!

How to play and win:

  1. Obtain a map at:
    • Gold Ore Store before the Fair
      7 North Main Street in St. George
      (Google Maps)
    • Gold Ore Store Fair booth
      Harmony building (Map #4)
    • In Fair magazine
  2. Decrypt location codes.
  3. When all Pieces of Eight are found, take completed entry to Shipwreck Cove (Food Court Information table – Map #5) and drop in Treasure Box.
  4. 3 prizes will be announced every night at the Food Court stage (Map #5) at 7PM, 8PM, and 9PM. (Wednesday only one winner at 9PM.)
  5. Ten lucky winners will receive a treasure box filled with valuable gems, coins, cash and a real bar of gold from the Gold Ore Store.

(You do not need to be present to win. Winners will be notified by phone.)