Washington County Fair Honorees

Grand Marshall

Donia Jessop
Hildale, Utah

Grand Marshall Autobiography

Donia Jessop was born and raised in Hildale/Colorado City and has always had a love and devotion for her hometown. While raising her 10 children, she was determined to further her education in maternal/infant health, Baby Watch, Early Intervention, hospice care, and crime victim advocacy.

In 2011, when the twin cities were being torn apart by its church leaders, Donia took her family and left the FLDS religion. She returned 3 years later, completely immersing herself in the goals of restoring and rebuilding Hildale — starting with becoming a founder of a grassroots coalition called Short Creek Community Alliance. In 2017, Donia was the first female to be elected as mayor of Hildale.

Through her leadership, many doors have been opened, including access to mental health therapy via a new community health clinic, securing new school bonds for improved education, making private land ownership possible to improve housing, bringing about fiber optics for better access to technology, and recruiting new businesses which created hundreds of job opportunities.

Donia is deeply committed to the people of her community, not focusing on the differences but rather what is held in common: their desire to create a safe place for raising families.