Washington County Fair Honorees

Grand Marshall

John and Connie Bramall
Hurricane, Utah

Grand Marshall Autobiography

Many locations which had once been open land (including Hurricane City), were eventually settled by the end of the 1800’s. But there were still pioneers. John Bramall is a modern-day pioneer of Hurricane City. Settling in to their new home in 1990, John and Connie Bramall immediately became involved with the community. John was asked to serve on the city planning commission and did so for two years. He continued to serve as a city council member for 14 years before running for Mayor and working for the community for another eight years. All this was done while serving in church callings, operating several businesses, managing his farm and elk, deer and bison ranch, and being a husband, father and grandpa. He pioneered changes to Hurricane—including the creation of the first master planned roads and zoning, helping to bring to fruition SR7 bypass road, trails and parks–that have blessed residents and visitors alike. However, his best quality is being a good neighbor and friend to the community. His wife, Connie, has supported him in the time away from family to bless Hurricane City.

To the 2022 Washington County Fair Grand Marshall John and Connie Bramall, thank you for your leadership, service, and love of Hurricane City.